Theology & Purpose

Jesus is the only Way to God the Father. He is the Truth as revealed in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. He is the Life eternal to all who repent and receive His death and resurrection as FULL atonement for their sins.

I feel that God has asked me to “cast” this music out to whoever needs it. I am a full-time missionary and “Biblicist,” to use my friend Liz’s term. The music on this site was written with careful consideration to Scripture, to be as sure as I can, that it is theologically sound and glorifying to God. "Whoever renders a service let him do it in the strength the Lord provides, so that God may be glorified in all things. To Him belong the glory and the power forever. AMEN!" I Peter 4:11

The music is written in simple style, not a lot of syncopation, nor tiny notes and ties that make it difficult to discern where the downbeat is. The “upbeat” musician is intelligent and can add that if he chooses. This will also enable the third grade accompanist to handle the score if no track is available. Several pieces have a classical feel; many are “M.O.R.” (middle of the road).

I am not a prolific writer as it is my after-hours activity. Some songs were written between skirmishes of hostile tribes, and some between the skirmishes of our kids in our own living room. When possible, I provide a quality accompaniment track for each song. You will appreciate several superbly orchestrated tracks by David Floyd,


I have one particular “un-born baby,” still just lyrics, that begs a country accompaniment, and I just don’t have the swing of country. “Gimme a holler,” if you want to tackle it. It’s entitled Finish Line (or “lahn”).

Many thanks to Dick Bronson of for hosting and developing this site.

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