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Difficulty and Description

Always There
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General, Commitment Duet & Piano
Difficulty 2. A dramatic dialogue between a prodigal and Jesus
Awesome God
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General Solo or SATB, Piano
.mp3 (6.1mb)
.wav (26.7mb)
Difficulty 2-3. An awesome poem by Richard Hohulin with dynamically orchestrated track by David Floyd of www.floydsproduce.com.
Bring Me to Your Holy Hill
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General Hymn, Piano
Difficulty 1. This prayer, based on Psalm 15, asks the Lord for help to live the life he expects of His children. "Bring me to your Holy Hill where I can cling to your perfect will, so I can live in your home forever and never be moved."
Creation´s Allelujahs
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General SATB, Piano
.mp3 (3.3mb)
Difficulty 2-3. With a Hebrew Feel, the earth, mankind and even the elements of outer space layer their "Hallelujahs" over each other to a grand climax. Add a tambourine if you "feel it."
Eternal Vine
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General, Comfort Solo or SATB, Piano
.mp3 (2.1mb)
.wav (23.3mb)
Difficulty 2-3. My most requested framed print put to music. "When my grasp cannot endure, Your hold on me remains secure."
From One Degree of Glory
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General, Growth Solo
.mp3 (3.4mb)
.wav (38.0mb)
Difficulty 1-2. Claiming God's promise that we "ARE being changed from glory unto glory AS WE behold his face" in spite of how we sometimes feel.
Heart of God
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General, Missions Solo, Chords
.mp3 (6.9mb)
.wav (30.4mb)
Difficulty 1-2. Singing to the rhythm of "God's" heartbeat, the soloist commits to reaching the broken hearted."
Keeper of My Soul
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General Solo with Piano

Piano & Flute
.mp3 (2.2mb) .wav (26.8mb)
.mp3 (2.2mb) .wav (26.8mb)
Difficulty 1. A gentle, mildly Celtic tune, reminding us that the Lord saves, heals, provides and protects his children.
Let All Creation Praise Him
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General Duet/2PT Choir, Piano
.mp3 (2.7mb)
.wav (28.3mb)
Difficulty 2-3. Baroque Style which sounds great with piano, harpsichord and organ.
More of You
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General, Commitment Solo or SATB, Piano
Difficulty 1-2. "Less of me, Lord, let them see More of You." "May the fragrance of Christ flow through me to everyone."
Peace I Leave with You
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General, Ascension Solo or SATB with Tenor solo, Piano
Difficulty 2. Melodic, reassuring, paraphrase of John 14:26-28
Round the Throne
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General SAB, Piano
.mp3 (2.5mb)
.wav (24.9mb)
Difficulty 2-3 Imagine the Elders, Winged Creatures and Cherubim each singing their own song - all at once. A really fun piece. (The slightly more difficult interlude could be dropped, but is the most interesting part.) Another great track by David. www.floydsproduce.com
Sing, O Heavens
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General SATB, Piano
Difficulty 2-3. An upbeat anthem based on Isaiah 44:23-24.
Trust In the Lord
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General - Children 1 or 2 part, Piano
Difficulty 1-2. Simple paraphrase of Proverbs 3:5-8. The fastest way to introduce 2-part music: create two melodies and sing one over the other. Easy melodies and rhythm.
Your Mercy Endures Forever
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General, Communion Two Part or SATB, Piano
Difficulty 1. Examining our hearts: a song of repentance and assurance of forgiveness. Begins with a Gregorian-style intro and moves to a flowing hymn. Especially appropriate for pre-communion meditation. 4-part optional.