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Free Missions, Youth Duet, Chords
Difficulty 1-2. Two teens reflect on what Christ is asking them to do. "Free to be Free, God's perfect plan for you and me - to share the love and forgiveness that brought us liberty. We must live out lives to set others Free."
Give it All
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Missions, Service Solo or SATB, Chords
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Difficulty 2. Every part of the body has a purpose, every Christian has a God-given gift to use for His glory. "What has God placed in your hand to spread Good News to every land? Give it all."
Gods of Wood
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Missions Solo, Piano
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Difficulty 2. While serving the Lord overseas, I was reflecting on the absurdity of those worshiping idols of wood & stone - when reality hit: I'm worshiping wood and stone in the form of money, trophies, etc. "Can I let the World go on pleading for release, while I, freed by God's love, selfishly enjoy His peace?" Another dynamic track by David Floyd of www.floydsproduce.com.
Heart of God
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General, Missions Solo, Chords
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Difficulty 1-2. Singing to the rhythm of "God's" heartbeat, the soloist commits to reaching the broken hearted."
What Are You Waiting For?
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Missions Solo or SATB, Chords
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Difficulty 2-3. Reiterates the Great Commission in an upbeat fashion. "Give them God's Word. Go and don't delay. Tell them Jesus Christ is Lord; tell them he's the way!" It actually began as a RAP, ("God didn´t ask ya please, or even if you mind. So get on your feet, and get off your designer jeans and GO.") But it has since been "cleansed" to be used in "normal" services. Great orchestration by David Floyd. See Lyrics page for the RAP version.